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costs○," the report said. ◆It predicted that 〓a ban would "resul○t in slower rol■lout of 5G ■networks in Eu●rope and reduc■ed takeup, which wo〓uld further increas■e the produc◆tivity gap● between the EU a■nd the US".US Presi◆dent Donald Trump● signed an executiv●e order on M●ay 15 to ban the tec●hnology and s●ervices of "for●eign adversar〓ies" deemed to pos〓e national sec●urity risks. The US ◆Commerce De●partment conse◆quently adde○d Huawei and ◆70 affiliates to ■its Entity Lis〓t, banning Hua◆wei


from buy●ing parts and■ technology from US ◆firms without govern●ment approval. T■he US later ■granted a 90-d○ay reprieve of the 〓ban.Last wee〓k, Trump a■nd Secretary of Sta■te Mike Pompeo co●ntinued to◆ pressure E?/p>

馯 leaders ■to follow suit o○r face conseque○nces, such as by■ Washington ●halting US intellige●nce sharing.Many in ●Europe have conclud〓ed that the US place◆d the ban o◆n Huawei in order to■ curtail China'◆s rise

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and maint〓ain US technology● dominance.Germ●any, France a●nd the United Ki■ngdom have so fa◆r rejected a ◆total ban of Huawei○. German Chance■llor Angela Merkel ◆has sa

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    id companies ●that meet establis◆hed safety cr〓iteria could ta○ke part in tende◆rs for bui◆lding Germany's 5G● network.Th○e BDI, the federa●tion of

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    German〓 industries,〓 said "Europe nee〓ds to main■tain its own co■urse" and the EU○ would decide● independently whi〓ch companies it● would allo

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    w to buil◆d 5G network● infrastru○cture.Shada Islam,〓 director of Europ○e and geopolitics a●t Friends of Europe〓, a think tank in● Brussels, said?/p>

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    ?the EU has●n't taken si●des on Huawe●i. "We have our o○wn interests an◆d our own conce◆rns, and we ar○e voicing the●m with increasin●g se

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lf-conf■idence on ●global stage,"● she said.Abraham L◆iu, Huawei's chie●f representativ○e to EU in○stitutions, r◆ecently said in Bru●ssels that ○Huawei's 5◆G solution

onorin○g contract○s already

is the● best on the market ●and to a lar■ge extent a

si●gned in North Amer○ica an

〓European product. ◆"It is tailor■-ma

d As○ia.Huawei and ZTE 〓ac

de for Europe's ■needs," he said●. Huawei has

count for◆ about 40 perc〓ent

been ■operating ○in Europe for almo■st 20 y

of the EU marke◆t, and Huawei○

ears and ●has 12,000 〓employees t■here, 70 percen

is "currentl●y a pioneer in 5

t hir〓ed locally."H●uawei is beco◆min

G te◆chnology", accor〓ding

g the victi●m of bullying by

to the GSM ana●lysis, firs

the〓 US administrati●on. This i〓s not j

t■ reported by R◆euters and

ust an attack◆ against Huawei◆. It is an at●t

Kronos team Agence○ France-Press■e
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ack on the libe■ral, rules-based or■der. This is dangero〓us," he said●, as quoted■ by Parlia■ment Magazine.Pleas○e scan the ●QR Code to follow● us on InstagramPlea◆se s

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can the ●QR Code to foll◆ow us on Wechat■Pompeo's lies abou◆t Huawei w■ill only da●mage American intere◆stsPompeo's lie○s about Huawei will〓 only damage A◆merican int

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e〓restsPompeo's l◆ies about Hua○wei will only d◆amage Ameri●can interests0●5-31-2019 09:■10 BJT Plea■se scan the ●QR Code to follo◆w us on Instagra●mPlease scan t

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he◆ QR Code to follo〓w us on Wec■hatCommentary: Pol○iticized ban on● Huawei shows U●.S. losing spirit of■ opennessComment〓ary: Politicize■d ban on Huawei s○hows U.S. losi

news on Friday."A ban o■n Chinese vend〓o
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n〓g spirit of openne◆ssCommentary●: Politicized b◆an on Hu

awei sh●ows U.S. los○ing spirit of 〓openness05-23-2〓019 08:06 BJTWASH○INGTON, May 22 -■- Washington l●ast week dec●lared a national

rs would s
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◆emergency o●ver what it claime■d are technologic○al threa

ts, a◆nd announced re●strictions on s●ale and tra〓nsfer of A●merican te●chnologies to Chin■a's Huawei●.The telecom compan○y has l

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ong been ■accused by the Uni○ted States ■of being able to ?/p>

se its network equ○ipment to spy on fo●reign nations○ for the C〓hinese government. H●owever, "no i●ntelligence se?/p> lessen com

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駌vice has publis○hed clear evidence◆ that Huawei insert〓ed

'backdo○ors' for C■hinese authorit●ies to acc〓ess the data that〓 passes throug●h its networks,○" according to a■ December 201

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8 a〓rticle by U.●S. media Poli●tico.Given the lack● of pro

of t●hat Huawei threatens● U.S. security, la●st week's twin moves〓 by Washin●gton -- the ◆use of state ap■paratus to oppr〓

in the mo
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ess a company -〓- are a refle■ction of nothing b●ut bullyin

g.The sme◆aring campaign ag○ainst Huawei a○side, the United St◆ates has also been t〓rying to rally● Europe to a●bandon Huaw

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contact ipment market, ○increasing price●s
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ei pr〓oducts, citing secur○ity threats. It ●was not welco○me."Europe mu○st not be dra

gged● into the trade d●i

spute between Ch●ina and the U?/p>

駈ited States■," Germany's powe○rful BDI industrial■ lobb

y group was ◆quoted by media rep■orts as saying in a ●state

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ment on ◆Thursday.France◆ too refused to ○take orders fr●om the United Stat■es. "Our perspective◆ is not to block● Huawei or 〓any company,〓" President Emmanu〓el Macron t●old the VivaTech 〓conference 〓in Paris on Thursday◆.Launching a tech wa○r or a trade war

aga●inst any co■untry is not appropr◆iate, nor is● it the best way t◆o defend national ●security, Ma■cron sai

d.Th〓e ban on the suppl〓y of U.S.-made ●chips to Huawei ●is a lose-l〓ose in any sense〓, as it pos●es a threat to Hu●awei's viab◆ility and U.S○. companies also pay● the price.O○ut of the

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